Free Treehouse Forest photo and pictureThe 26th April, 2024 wasn’t the first time Asher had instructed me to feel into his heart.

He would never have said it in our face-to-face conversations. They didn’t go that way at all. This, though, was a different way of communicating.


At the beginning

Let me start by sharing the first time it happened. It followed several years of silence from my one-time pupil, who had become my friend and metaphysical instructor, then suddenly stopped speaking. The following extract from Chapter 15 of A Mind Beyond Words explains what happened:

I went to find my beloved crystal dowsing pendulum… I sat at my laptop and typed. I wrote down all the feelings that had been brimming up inside me: my memories of the fun Ash and I had had riding around in trains discussing metaphysics, the long, rambling phone conversations and the astonishing remote viewing experiments, my frustration at the lack of progress with telepathic communication and my ardent wish to find a way to resume our conversations. Then I pressed caps lock and return. With one hand I held the pendulum so that it settled over the centre of the keyboard. I focused on holding it quite still. Just as it had done all those years before, it began to move, swinging left and right, forwards and backwards and pausing to circle over one letter and then another. With my free hand I typed each letter the pendulum stopped at… (T)he pendulum gave a second rotation at the end of each word. When the communication was over, the pendulum just kept swinging around in a wide circle.

Quite simply, the message that came was this:


Gently, I put the pendulum down and closed my eyes. I waited quietly to see what images would come as I wondered what was in Asher’s heart. Very clearly, I saw a grey stone floor and a cold bench, also made of stone. There was a small window, high on a wall, with the sky visible. The word ‘dreams’ came into my mind. Next I was aware of a table. On it were a notebook and pen — an old fashioned pen, the kind that had to be dipped into ink every few words. There was an ink bottle, but it was empty. Now I could feel an urgent longing coming to me from Asher. He wanted me to fill that bottle. He wanted me to give him the ink so that his words could flow.

When the image faded, I opened my eyes, turned to the keyboard and typed the impressions I had seen and felt. Once more I picked up the pendulum and dowsed for a response.



That was the beginning of the longest and most amazing conversation I’ve ever had — one conducted at first through dowsing and later through simply recording the received thought impressions from Asher’s mind in a notebook, along with my own queries and comments.


Publication Day

On that date at the end of April, I was feeling excited and jubilant that our conversation, and the events leading up to it, had finally been transformed into a published book. I felt proud that I’d managed to do as he asked, to give him the metaphorical ink for his pen — the ability to share his wisdom and experiences with others.

As I settled into my familiar routine that evening, a crystal in my right hand, a pen in my left, and prepared to begin our telepathic conversation, I wrote in the notebook, asking how he felt to know that people around the world could now read our story.

This was his reply:

Asher: That’s not an appropriate question. Focus on me as I am ‘here’ and try for a more appropriate one.

I should know better by now, shouldn’t I? There I was, seeking a response from a human emotional perspective, but conversing with someone who was not in that place. Asher was out of his body, conversing with me from realms where the human ego had no place.

I felt myself being taken back to the occasion described above; the time at the very beginning of this dialogue, when he first told me to feel into his heart for a response. Clearly, he wanted me to repeat that exercise.

I put down my pen and notebook and waited to see what would come this time.


In Asher’s heart

The initial feeling was one of spaciousness and openness — as different as possible from that cold, enclosed, stone monk’s cell with the single small window, where we’d started this adventure.

Asher had led me into what I interpreted as an open-fronted tree house. It was carefully constructed, so that he was sheltered and comfortable, while being high up in the branches. I sensed him there, gazing out over the lands beyond, able to see the effect his thoughts and wisdom were having. More than that, I sensed that he was able to connect with each and every reader; to feel their reactions and responses.

I saw then that my human words — joy, jubilation, excitement — came nowhere close to describing his attitude towards the publication of our book. I lack the vocabulary to explain the soft, gentle warmth, connection and delight he experiences each time a reader feels into our story, grasps one of his metaphors or analogies, or shares the ideas that underlie the words on those pages.


I felt happy and humbled to have been granted the opportunity to experience his thoughts in such a direct way, and hope I’ve been able to convey something of the pleasure this venture has brought him, after the years of being unable to share his discoveries with anyone else.

In another quote from A Mind Beyond Words, he explained something of the way it felt before we made our telepathic connection, to explore The Realms and not have a way to pass the wisdom on:

It was like winning the lottery and not being able to spend the money. I saw the potential for sharing it with other humans. The world was in such a mess. So many people believed they stopped at their bodies and I was barely using mine. It all felt wrong.

Now, though, it feels very right.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has bought and read A Mind Beyond Words.

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