Jes Kerzen

In her everyday life, Jes has enjoyed a huge variety of roles in many educational settings, from specialist speech and language teacher to head of English, from running an alternative education hub for home educated children in a mediaeval abbey undercroft to working with a farmer and a life-sized model calf, delivering workshops on social and emotional skills in rural primary schools in the west of England.

She’s always had a particular interest in working with neurodiverse students, particularly those with autistic spectrum perception and communication challenges. Life tends to give us more of what we need, so it was hardly surprising that wherever she worked, these were the children who so often appeared in her life, and enriched it greatly.

An encounter with one small boy, however, set her on a journey of discovery that would completely change her life’s trajectory. From this child and his classmates, Jes learned that there were ways of communicating and perceiving she had never dreamed of. That was when her ‘other’ life began…

Since that meeting, she has spent a quarter of a century researching telepathy, remote viewing and other psychic abilities, along with the spiritual insights they can sometimes lead to. She still devotes much of her time to working with Asher, that very special former pupil, continuing to learn from him and writing about their work together.

Jes lives in a 350 year old cottage in Somerset, in the west of England, and enjoys walking, gardening and having chance encounters that could lead to all manner of interesting discoveries.

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There are two sides to Asher. Like Jes, he has a ‘normal’ life and another, very different existence.

We’ll leave the normal life blank, if we may. He is a very private person and has asked that details about him are kept to the barest minimum, so that his anonymity is preserved.

Luckily, though, the other aspect of Asher – his ‘telepathic self’, for want of a better term – is very keen to interact and share information.

He falls into that often magical population of people who are called neurodiverse – those judged to be different and even faulty by the medical and educational establishment. They are given labels and diagnoses of this ‘-ism’ or that ‘syndrome’ and generally have a very hard time trying to fit into society.

Asher is living proof of how narrow and foolish such treatment can be. He has, as Jes discovered when he was 6, abilities that extend far beyond ‘normal’; deep into supernormal, in fact.

He is able to leave his physical self to get on with its day-to-day life, and to travel out-of-body to what he calls The Realms. In this higher dimension he has access to a ‘beginingless and endless library’ of information, which he shares with Jes, that school teacher who first recognised his skills so long ago.

He says there are many like him – people who have been written off because they lack certain social or academic skills, but have insights and ways of being that could help the rest of us, once we are able to understand their messages.