A Mind Beyond Words:

My Decades of Discovery with an Extraordinary Guide

by Jes Kerzen

This book outlines my 25 years of knowing and working with Asher.

If a message is important enough, it will find a way to be heard.

Latest news:

The book is now available!

Published by 6th Books, an imprint of Collective Ink Publishing, and available at all major booksellers as a paperback and e-book.


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It’s getting noticed!


5 Star Review of A Mind Beyond Words on NetGalley

Louise F, Reviewer 

“I hope that A MIND BEYOND WORDS by Jes Kerzen is widely read — knowing that it’s out there for many readers in terms of pushing the boundaries of what we believe to be reality to a far wider, wilder, and more fascinating place. When teacher Jes Kerzen encounters and gets to know Asher, a student designated to be on the autism spectrum, she is drawn into a world she never dreamed possible, of telepathy and wonders beyond the typical expectations of a neurodiverse classroom, never mind fitting into our culture and definitions of reality. I deeply enjoyed having my expectations blown by the incredible bond the pair developed and still live to this day and the way a supposedly deficient person is familiar with and expert in realms no one dreamed possible. Written in a conversational style, Kerzen brings the reader along in an ultimately mind-blowing experience with a child leading the way.” 

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A Mind Beyond Words is now available at many sites, including the following:

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Signed copies are available at The Mystic Silver Rose, Benedict Street, Glastonbury, Somerset.



Here are some endorsements for the book from some brilliant, and very kind people: 

“With its captivating insights and surprising revelations, this book provides readers with a remarkable glimpse into the mind of someone whose unique ways of perception, thinking and communication defy convention.”

– Olga Bogdashina, MA, PhD Co-founder of and programme leader and lecturer at the International Autism Institute, KSPU.  Author of many books including Autism and Spirituality and Autism and the Edges of the Known World.


A Mind Beyond Words’ is a beautiful, touching and enlightening exposition of many of the deeper aspects of life. It gives the reader a tangible sense of levels of reality beyond the material, as well as our innate, natural abilities to access and express our full creative and spiritual potential. This very readable and insightful book is an uplifting guide for anyone who is passionate about exploring the truth about life, spirit and the nature of consciousness.

– Pathik Strand, Author of Flowering into Awareness: A Spiritual Manifesto for the 21st Century’


This remarkable book, sharing insights into our innate abilities to communicate with each other and other realms of sentience, beyond the limits of space and time, is a timely contribution to our collective and evolutionary potential and emergent journey.   

– Dr Jude Currivan, Cosmologist, author and co-founder of WholeWorld-View 


A profound story of our intuitive capacity beyond our traditional five senses. ‘A Mind Beyond Words’ is a wake-up call for us to see beyond the surface of our perceptions and judgments of others and ourselves.

 -Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR, Director of Research Institute of Noetic Sciences  President Parapsychological Association